Who we are


To provide a life-changing service
that people will remember with great fondness.

We aim to provide a product that several hundred million people will use all over the world.
A product that delivers much more than moments of enjoyment or convenience.
It's something that hopefully one day people will look back on and say,
"I am so glad I used this service. It really changed my life."
A product that brings people together who otherwise would never have met and
expands the possibilities of life for each and every client.
With our service, we want to make people's lives better and more fulfilling.
At Eureka, that is our mission.


To help people find their life partner
and make dating services
a social norm in Japan and Asia.

According to data, one out of ten couples in the U.S. are meeting through dating services.
If people in Japan and the rest of Asia have more opportunities to connect,
they will surely be able to meet their life partner.
We hope to expand a healthy dating service culture in Japan and the rest of Asia,
to help create a society where people can live the lives that they desire.


  • Craftspersonship

    We strive for excellence in quality and expertise
    to thrive on the world stage.

    Think & Act Best

    We think and act outside of the box,
    and scale our business exponentially.

  • Peer Power

    We multiply the strengths of diverse individuals,
    and bring forward our vision.


    We create value worthy of ourselves for our customers and
    convey our meaning to customers wholeheartedly.