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Pairs Japan

10 million matches and counting.

"Pairs" is an online dating service used by more than 10 million people in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Since launch, we received success stories from over 200,000 people.
Pairs is the first-in-market to offer 24/7 in-house customer service, including text and image monitoring, so our users' safety and security are always ensured.

We created Pairs to help singles discover new and interesting ways to find a life partner. In the United States, more than 1 in 3 couples met their partner online. In Japan more than 70 per cent of singles claim to have no partner. As the number 1 online dating service in Japan, we're working hard every day to help singles find their true love.

Fostered true relationships

Over 110,000 relationships originated on Pairs

Since the release of Pairs in October 2012, we have helped to create opportunities for many users to find partnership and marriage. Pairs offers the opportunity to find an ideal partner that matches one's own values through various search features and a well-developed community. Everyday, we receive many reports of successful matches from across Japan and from overseas. It is our hope that more and more opportunities for wonderful relationships will be created, which inspires us to improve our service every day.

Safe and Secure

Pairs has many features to ensure safe and secure usage by members.

  • Mandatory age verification

    Pairs provides peace of mind for users with mandatory age verification before exchanging messages with other users.

  • Exclusion of fraudulent users

    Pairs takes online security seriously. We are vigilent in filtering out people who use the service inappropriately. Future enhancements, such as proprietary machine learning functions, will further strengthen these features.

  • Awarded the highest rank in quality of service evaluation

    Our in-house customer service realizes prompt and attentive service to the customers. The quality of service was highly regarded and become the first in the online dating market to achieve the highest 3-star rating by HDI.
    What is HDI Benchmark

  • 24/7 Customer Service and Content Monitoring

    We are available 24/7 to make sure that all customers' problems are promptly solved and inappropriate images and messages are blocked, thereby ensure users' safety and security.

Pairs Global

Pairs Taiwan - a leading dating and marriage matchmaking service

Launched in October 2013, Pairs Taiwan was the first global version of the service. Although Eureka was a latecomer to the market, Pairs has now grown to become one of the leading players in Taiwan.

Asia's Premier Dating Service

Promoting love and relationships across Asia

Though nationalities, languages, and religions may differ, the feelings of love are the same. Leveraging the success in Taiwan and with the expertise of IAC and Match Group, we will strive to create a new culture throughout Asia for people seeking life partners.


A communication app for couples born out of our online dating service.

Couples is a communication app that bonds couples together. The app allows couples to play slideshows of uploaded photos, share their event calendars, and check information about upcoming dates. The app was created with the hope to strengthen the bonds between couples so that they can always feel that they are close to one another.

Why we do what we do

Eureka was founded in 2008 to create products that enrich people's lives around the world. I became the CEO of Eureka in 2016 following in the steps of our co-founder, Yu Akasaka, and our original intentions remain unchanged.

When we say "things that enrich people's lives", we do not mean things that "would be nice to have". Instead, we mean things like "I was able to get married thanks to Pairs" and "I was able to avoid breaking up with my partner thanks to Couples". These are the kinds of significant impacts on people's lives that we strive to achieve for with our products.

Because these are the kinds of products we aim for, we follow a very sincere and uncompromising approach to product development and operations. We never forget about the millions of users who enjoy our product every day.

With pride in our craftsmanship, we strive to realize a society where lives of people around the world are enriched.


Junya Ishibashi