People Culture & Engagement Partner


Roles & Responsibility: Culture & Engagement
・Play a key role in collaboration with HR & Business leaders to develop and execute People and Culture strategies and activities to increase employee satisfaction and sense of belonging, and increase organizational effectiveness.
・Lead the discussions and implementation of important initiatives in company culture & values, employee engagement, diversity & inclusion, and procedure development. eg. Design and organize internal campaigns and activities to boost employee engagement and bring our core values to life.
・Collaborate within the HR team & Workplace experience team to plan and execute company events, to boost morale, enhance employee wellbeing and improve collaboration.
・Manage engagement survey; Identify, track, and analyze metrics for promoting company values and employee engagement activities.
・Develop original, innovative editorial content, such as internal newsletter, videos, or comics, for internal channels like online platforms, office decoration, town halls.
・Serve as a key strategic partner to leaders regarding diversity and inclusion-related issues, topics, programs, and trends. Drive an integrated approach to diversity and inclusion and implement impactful initiatives in Japan.

Employer Branding
・Lead the Employer Branding and employer related Social Media activities as well as Communication.
・As the owner of the culture engine, storytelling with editorial roll-outs which bring stories with context and meaning, drive employer branding through entertaining experiences through the identified online & offline channels.
・Plan and execute events with a focus on early engagement, education, and influence branding.
・Identify and build on potential partnership opportunities to enhance our employer brand and relationships with external partners
・Communicate requirements and timelines to internal stakeholders and external parties to facilitate the smooth delivery of events and engagement initiatives
・Work across teams to support employer branding and related projects


・Experience in internal communications/Employer branding or marketing/Organization Culture will be a plus.
・A creative thinker and storyteller with the ability to create engaging employee experiences. Experience in crafting compelling, targeted messaging. Ability to influence.
・Experience partnering with multiple business leaders in a complex and fast-paced business setting that is in high growth mode.
・A proven track record of global, cross-functional partnership and relationship management. Passion and strength for building trust and engagement with a variety of stakeholders.
・Excellent project/event management. Ability to multi-task and to meet tight deadlines.
・Highly proficient in Japanese & English in order to conduct efficient communication within the organization.
・Willingness to roll up one's sleeves and get the work done.
・Digital & technology savvy



  • 正社員(試用期間:3ヶ月)


  • 基本給+45時間分みなし残業代+賞与
  • 経験・能力を考慮の上、当社規定により決定いたします


  • フレックスタイム制
  • リモートとオフィスワークのハイブリッドスタイル(*変更の可能性あり)



  • 土日、祝日夏季、冬季休暇実績(2020年:夏季9日/冬季9日、2019年:夏季9日/冬季10日)
  • 完全週休2日制/土日祝休み
  • 有給休暇
  • 特別休暇(誕生日休暇、アニバーサリー休暇など)
  • 産前産後/育児休暇、生理休暇
  • 昇給:半期に1回上長との定期面談があり、その際に昇給を決定いたします
  • 賞与:年に1回、業績貢献度に応じて支給いたします


  • 〒108-0073 東京都港区三田1-4-1 住友不動産麻布十番ビル4F
  • 都営大江戸線 赤羽橋駅 徒歩4分、東京メトロ南北線 麻布十番駅 徒歩6分


  • 交通費全額支給
  • 自己研鑽手当1万円/月(全正社員対象)
  • 住宅手当有り:オフィスから3km圏内に住んでいる場合は3万円/月、配偶者有りの場合は5万円/月(パートナーシップも対象)
  • 各種社会保険完備(関東ITソフトウェア健康保険組合)
  • 海外カンファレンス参加費/渡航費補助
  • ソフトウェア、書籍購入補助
  • オンライン英会話学習補助
  • セミナー/カンファレンス参加費補助
  • PC(Mac)、マウス、キーボード、ディスプレイを選べる制度
  • 高級チェア利用可能(オカムラのシルフィー)
  • 社員旅行、各種交流イベント多数実施